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Hartzell High School Scholarships

Zim HS 2004x
High School Scholars, November 2004

      Hartzell High has a long history as a quality boarding school.  However, most of the parents of the primary pupils are barely able to pay the small day school fees for their children at Hartzell Primary and even the day fees at the high school are as much as most earn in a year.  Therefore, we began a program whereby we got sponsors for a few of the brighter poor primary graduates.  The response has been enthusiastic and generous. Beginning with two boys and two girls in January 2000, this project has grown to 30 high school day students this term.  Individuals, families, Sunday Schools, and other organizaations have become sponsors.  The costs have averaged about $200 per year, although the country’s rampant inflation has made if very difficult to predict accurately.  When the fees were more than doubled in January 2005 it seemed necessary to greatly increase the sponsorship level in order to cover them and to guarantee that those students had adequate clothes and supplies.  However, the value of the Zimbabwe dollar suddenly plunged so rapidly since then, that the increased donations which we asked for this year will cover most of next year’s costs as well–unless fees and costs increase dramatically in the next few months.  We two need to learn not to panic at bad financial news—the resources are there.

        If any reader is interested in sponsoring a high school student–for one year or the four years–please get in touch with us.  Currently, one girl needs a new sponsor and there will be six new ones ready to start high school in January 2006–and needing sponsors.  We anticipate that the cost will once again be $200 for the year. 

         There is also a somewhat larger challenge, if somebody wishes–Nakhatula is a very bright and hard-working second year boarder. We have agreed to arrange her support as her mentor/sponsor is no longer able to do so.  After recovering from nearly fatal cerebral malaria she is boarding at Hartzell in order to escape an unhealthy "step-father" home situation.   We anticpate her 2006 costs will approach $1,000.